Sanya Resort of ACFTU

Sanya Resort of ACFTU

Project Name: Sanya Resort of ACFTU
Location: Sanya, China
Competition: 2010, Contract Awarded
Project leaders: Yu Haiwei, He Yongmei
Staff (design):
Shi Lu, Han Cong, Liu Yan, Xue Qi
Staff (execution): Liu Yan , Xue Qi, Jin Zhefu ,Qin Zhu
Client: All-China Federation of Trade Unions
Construction Period: 2011-2012
Area: 60,000 m²

ACFTU labor model recuperation and rest base, located in Sanya City, Hainan Province, the western Bay Begonia, sand cattle farm field south slope of the reservoir near the site 272,000 square meters. South side of the road next to the status quo, Bay, 6 km from the Begonia; land west and north of the hillside, elegant environment. The construction includes hotels, apartments, villas, conference centers and ancillary service buildings, a total construction area of ​​60,000 square meters.

From the planning point of view, learn Chinese and foreign contemporary classical gardens of tropical hotel garden essence, make full use of land from west to east to 30 m terrain of the ups and features to create stacked layers of down, opening and closing sequence has caused the space to create the most tropical The most pleasant feeling of space. At the same time the use of modern building materials, reflecting the ethos of the East tropical architecture, yet with Chinese characteristics is both to create an international, modern and yet elegant architectural image.

Landscape design, full use of bases inside the geothermal resources and rich vegetation, the surrounding landscape by the King, for the use of the mountain fell into the design. In order to create a Department of the sea or rivers, or bridges for water features eclectic environment in which the best park building into a tropical environment. At the same time, the maximum possible protection and use of the original topography and vegetation, the use of local geothermal resources, energy, water, reducing the impact on the natural and destruction, and fully reflects the traditional Chinese spirit of Heaven.

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