The Seventeenth Exhibition Report Of Capital City Planning and Architectural Design

From November 23, 2010 to December 20, the projects from our studio, the fourth classroom building, laboratory building, teaching and research buildings as well as art and design center at Beijing University of Technology, got the "Outstanding Program Award" at The Seventeenth Exhibition Report of Capital City Planning and Architectural Design.

The fourth classroom building, laboratory building, teaching and research buildings, art and design center are located in the northeast corner of South Campus of Beijing University of Technology. They comprise an important Campus Building Group, including a basic lecture building, four colleges, structure laboratories and other ancillary spaces. The total construction area is ​​154290 M2, the height of the building is 45M. The design comes from four ideas, the establishment of three-dimensional activity space, heritage and the open up of the campus culture, modern expression of the traditional space and green architecture. During the construction process, the roof platform, three-dimensional planting, and sinking courtyard are used to build various spaces. Moreover, the traditional concepts of lantern and quadrangle courtyard were incorporated in the design. Thus, the new building has become the new center of the campus, at the same time, enriches the architectural expression.

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